The New Generation of Smart Devices in Biometrics for Access Control enhances building security, internal communications, and employee management , at a significantly lower total cost of ownership than previous biometric systems for physical access control.Whether being used to access a building, secure restricted locations within, or for time and attendance management, biometric authentication technology has come a long way. Just a few years ago, the debate surrounding biometrics was focused on whether biometrics were accurate and could handle large populations, among many other operational issues. Today, these arguments are closed: the focus now is on enhancing the value associated with accurate and secure biometric authentication.

Card Access and Time attendance Systems: Honeywell, Maxxess, HID, Eff-Eff, Crow, Paradox

  • IP based communication infrastructure
  • IP and RS-485 door entry control units
  • Modular expandable control panels
  • Proximity, Mifare, Multistandard and Biometric readers
  • Unlimited door capacity
  • Unlimited persons/card capacity
  • Direct integration with CCTV and Fire alarm systems
  • Addressable smart detectors
  • Automatic alarm notification and report
  • Integration with communication systems and detailed alarm notifications to security teams.

Offers a wide range of solutions for controlled physical access to buildings, areas and specially secured zones. They vary according to the specific application, level of security, frequency of passage and design requirements. The physical access systems have compatible electronic interfaces for all popular access control systems. The diversity of design, shape, finish and colour enables a wide range of applications, including offices and administrative buildings, industrial premises, research institutions, public authorities, banks, airports, railway stations, sports stadiums, swimming pools and theme parks, as well as public toilets and bathrooms

Tripod turnstiles can be used for access control to make life easier for reception staff at entrances to offices and administrative buildings, industrial premises, banks, public authorities and many sports and leisure facilities. They are quick, reliable and easy to use. Our tried-and-tested control technology regulates the flow of people with ease, even at the busiest times of day. The tripod turnstiles are compatible with all types of ID readers and are available in seven different versions.