Building Automation

Energy efficiency and maximum comfort:

Honeywell, Schneider,VDA-Micromaster,VITRUM
offers the system applications shown below for both independent and integrated solutions, from equipment and systems providers like Honeywell, Schneider,VDA-Micromaster.

Our technically advanced solutions are designed for all buildings to be comfortable and energy efficient whether they are homes, hotels, stadiums, shopping malls, commercial buildings, schools or universities.
Integrated solutions offered by AXSIS provide high levels of savings from energy expenses and an experience of maximum comfort in all conditions.

  • Building automation and zoning
  • Building Energy Management (BEM)
  • Heating and cooling equipment control
  • Heating, venting, and air conditioning equipment (HVAC)
  • Electrical equipment and systems: lighting control, key and sockets, sensors, door bells
  • Hotel room automation