Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) are real time computerized parking systems for transient and credentialed customers. Available in varying levels of functionality and complexity, these systems allow parking owners and operators to control access and collect parking revenues from users. With a wide range of PCI Compliant stations designed for multiple uses, typically at unattended entrances of a parking facility, can be equipped with ticket dispensing, access and credit card functionality. These PCI Compliant systems accept entry tickets, expired exit tickets, validated tickets, and validation coupons. They also calculate parking fees, accept and process credit cards, print and issue a receipt on request, and issue a paid exit ticket. A barrier gate is a bar, or pole, that lowers to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point.When access is permitted, the boom rises vertically to allow vehicles to pass. Gate operators can handle up to a 33inch boom, accommodating for oversized lanes. LPR uses the combination of a camera and database to allow the camera to capture a license plate image, convert the image to alpha numeric text and compare that text to a database of registered plates.

From access control to revenue control, count monitoring, sign control, and accounts receivable, Parksystem provides PCI compliant software solutions with a wide array of features and options.

  • Web Workstation
  • Access Control
  • Revenue Management
  • Count & Monitoring
  • Report Generator

offers a camera based parking guidance system from Park System serves to reduce frustration for your parkers while providing a high tech experience. Park System is a price sensitive manufacturer and provider of parking guidance system technology that competes with ultrasonic and other camerabased solutions with superior advanced technology. Park System systems drive greater performance, increased revenue, better efficiency, increased security, safety, an elevated parker experience and ROI.

Our systems help to provide vehicle information to the operator in both parking garages and outdoor car parks. The markets we help include shopping and retail centers, mixed use facilities, airports, hospitals, casino and gaming facilities, colleges and universities, corporate campuses, citywide guidance, architects, consultants, engineers and parking system integrators.

Our smart-sensor cameras combine with integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) – and our proprietary intelligent software – to monitor your entire facility. The result: actionable data you can use to streamline costs and maximize efficiency.

  • Parking Guidance Solution Benefits
  • Significant reduction in vehicle emissions eliminating the “cruising effect” of searching for a parking space
  • Optimization of parking spaces by providing real-time space inventory to the public
  • Monitor parking occupancy for Facility, Level, Zone, or Single Parking Space
  • Economic, Environmental and Customer-Friendly