Offers special detectors for industries of high level fire protection such as Oil and Gas Exploitation and Production.

The pressure-proof, fully enclosed infrared flame detector particularly distinguishes itself through reliable operation in difficult conditions. An integrated LED and three relays provide information regarding the state of operation, failure, and alarm. Contamination resistance and heated optics to prevent condensation and formation of ice also allow for external operation. Typical areas of application are turbines, petrochemistry and the automotive industry.

Fire Detection Systems: Esser, Honeywell, Global Fire, Spectrex,Sicurtime, Elmdene,Vimpex Intelligent-Interactive detection systems.

  • Modular expandable control panels.
  • Robust interaction and fiber-optic panel communication network.
  • Intelligent detectors suitable for any fire and smoke type
  • Multi-sensor Detectors.
  • Air sample sensitive smoke detection systems.
  • Addressable detector units complete with siren, announcement, flashing and smoke detection.
  • Saving from labour, cabling and equipment.
  • EN-54 certificate fire resistant power supplies.
  • İnteractive command control screens
  • Direct integration with Building automation systems.
  • Direct integration with announcement systems
  • Immediate alarm notifications to technical teams through the communication systems interface.
  • Detection systems with addressable and fiber-optic cabling.
  • Industrial and Military spec. flame and gas detectors.
  • Ex-proof detectors
  • Linear smoke detection systems.
  • Sensitive detection systems for Data-Centers.